Anatomy and Biomechanics

Anatomy and Biomechanics of Running

Anatomy and Bio Mechanics is the understanding of the structure, function and capability of the lower part of your body. Bio-mechanics are a big part of running because this is how your body reacts and functions while you are running.

The Running Gait Cycle

The first part to learn when it comes to Running Bio Mechanics is the Running Gait Cycle. The Running Gait Cycles is the series of movements in the lower part of the body. There are two different phases in the Gait Cycle the Stance Phase and the Swing Phase. The Stance Phase is the first part of the cycle which is roughly 40% of the cycle. The Stance Phase is when your heel begins to make contact with the ground and ends when your toe leaves the ground. The other 60% of the cycle is the Swing Phase. This phase occurs when you foot is not touching the ground.

Upper Body Mechanics

The connection between the whole body when running is very important. The body when running is like a machine and if there is one part that is not working correctly the whole machine messes up. The upper body is so important because it keeps the whole body in balance. The upper body also helps force the body move forward when the foot is absorbing the force from hitting the ground. The correct way to move the upper body while running would be driving the elbows down and back up to keep the pressure off of the shoulders. These reasons are why it is so important to not cross over the body while you are moving them so that your upper body can counter balance  the force of the legs. 

Improving Your Body Mechanics

Some ways that you could reduce your body mechanics could be looking at a video of you running and see how your body moves. You can also look at references from other runners that have nailed their body movement. Some of the main problems with peoples movement while running is how their arms cross their body and they twist their hip too much.

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